300ml and 500ml Rapid Tray


300ml + 500ml Rapid Tray (Incl. legs).

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A unique design tray with 12 stabilizer feet, which bed themselves firmly onto any surface flat or slanted! Create a high air flow with high drainage capability. Can be used for stacking or sorting, and double up as a Pop-Up stand with 4 removable legs. Reuse or one time use easy to stack and separate and are stackable individually or with pots. Leg stabilizer options for uneven/slanted ground. Special separation grows. Riser slots on top for grow stacking, lifting system or pipe guidance (irrigation). Ideal for both the 300ml and 500ml Rapid Roots pots. Our trays are designed for efficient stacking thus reducing volume and saving on handling & transport costs.

Registered Design Patent No. A2020/00642

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 30 cm