300ml Shallow Rapid Grow Pot (Pack of 9)


300ml Rapid – Shallow. Ideal for Tubers, Flowers & Cannabis (hydro) and other plants. Dimensions Upper 82,88mm/Lower 52,36mm/Height 76,55mm. Pack of 9.

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Not just a pot! Better air flow around the pots promote root propagation, making the taproot, fibrous or lateral root create multiple additional roots, stimulating a larger, healthier robust root system. Creates the best conditions for rooting young plants in, providing them with better air flow, ventilation and drainage, and 20-40% better nutrient & water absorption.This Pot is ideal for most plants between 0-20cm and bigger plants between the sprout and early vegetative stage. This pot is perfect for plants like Spring onions,Chives,Strawberries, Microgreensand many other herbs.

The pots are square in shape, therefore no gaps and little or no spillage during filling. Stackable individually or with trays, and tapered for easy release. Our pots are designed for efficient stacking thus reducing volume and saving on handling & transport costs.

Multiple Hanging Options

  • Vertical hanging via screw or nail 
  • Rail (3mm slot) system
  • Wire hanging

Registered Design Patent No. A2020/00642

Pack of 9

Weight 0.31 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 15 cm