3L Rapid Air Pot (Pack of 6)


3L Rapid Air Pot. Ideal for Tubers, Flowers & Cannabis (hydro) and other plants. Dimensions Upper 156mm/Lower 105mm/Height 232mm

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Not just a pot! Better air flow around the pots promote root propagation, making the taproot, fibrous or lateral root create multiple additional roots, stimulating a larger, healthier robust root system. Creates the best conditions for rooting young plants in, providing them with better air flow, ventilation and drainage, and 20-40% better nutrient & water absorption.This Pot is ideal to bring almost any vegetable through the vegetative stage right into flowering and can furthermore be used for juvenile trees to a height of 2m!

Its design allows it to hold almost everything from citrus, tomatoes, cannabis and so much more! This 3L pot replaces a 10L pot!

Registered Design Patent No. A2020/00642

Pack of 6

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 30 cm