6 Panel 43.2W LED Grow Light (31.5cmx50cmx13cm)


6 Panel 43.2W LED Grow Light (500mmx315mmx130mm).

1xBlue (450-470nm) 1xRed (650-670nm) 2xWarm White (2100k) 2xNatural white (4000k) @ 120 LED per meter, 34 LEDs per panel x6 (204 Total)

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· Long-lasting LEDs
· Superior Quality
· Promotes fast and vigorous growth
· Modular design with replaceable panels
· 180W transformer
· Can be looped
· High Output
· Economical
· High Photosynthetic Photon Efficacy (**PPE)
· IP41 moisture-proof
· Surge protection
· Very High spectrum coverage

With the Rapid Grow Lights growing indoors has never been easier! Each light is modular in design fitted with 6 panels of high-quality LEDs. Our LED lights will offer you a full PAR spectrum with emphasis on blue and red wavelengths. The lights are high fluency, meaning that it can provide over full sunlight and is the perfect light for growing indoors.

The high efficiency, low operating temperature and small size, enable the LEDs to be used close to the leaves in interlighting and intracanopy irradiation. We use aluminium cooling plates, plus a small heat sink for each chip to achieve excellent heat dissipation.

Each light is fitted with J hook screws for ease of hanging and can be mounted or suspended by a rope or wire. The lights furthermore have the ability to link to one another thus removing the hassle of dealing with wires and multiple lights.

Their long life expectancy and ease of control make them ideal for greenhouse use all year round. This light is the future of grow lights!

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 14.7 cm