Arch-shaped vertical garden rail. Holds up to 8x 300ml OR 500ml pots


Arch-shaped vertical garden rail, holds up to 8x 300ml OR 500ml pots. (815(w)x1135(h)x130(l)mm) 6kg

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Arch-shaped vertical garden rail, can be inserted into the ground and holds up to 8 plants. Made from mild steel bent into an arch shape and treated for outdoor use. Can be used in conjunction with 8 x 500ml or 300ml Rapid Grow Pots, and both their respective moisture retaining cups. Made to make setup easy and hassle free. Perfect for most flowers, vegetables, herbs and decorative plants . Rapid grow pots can hold plants 40-70% bigger per volume then conventional pots allowing for a wide range of plant options.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 81.5 × 13 × 113.5 cm