Lekker Big Bud


Cannabis Seed – Effects – Euphoric / Happy / Relaxed / Sleepy (Autoflower/Feminized) 1 Seed

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Originally bred in the USA during the 80s, but due to the War on Drugs, it was smuggled out of the country in clone form to the Netherlands. An indica based hybrid, this strain’s lineage is part Skunk No.1, part Afghani and also includes some Northern Lights. The THC content is high, some yields have results between 15%-20%. Fast bloomer, growers can expect a growing period of around 11 weeks. As the name indicates, the buds are big. The chunky buds are also very resinous, which makes them difficult to break apart by hand as they are extremely sticky. Strong earthy tones, with a pitch of fruitiness.

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Dimensions 5.05 × 3.75 × 1.25 cm