Lekker White Widow


Cannabis Seed – Effects – Euphoric / Energitic / Talkative / Creative (Autoflower/Feminized) 1 Seed Effects

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The roots strain is a cross between landrace strains, a Brazilian indica and South Indian sativa. White Widow is a heavy hitter in regards to THC content with an average composition of 20%. Its white, crystal resin-covered buds should be a warning of its potency. With a short flowering period of around 9 weeks, it also requires minimal maintenance. It’s suggested to be a great first-time crop for newbies. It also delivers a heavy yield, varying between 550-600g a plant if grown outdoors with lots of light. Grows outside comfortably and is a mould-resistant strain. This being said, it will perform better in warmer climates and can reach a height of 2 metres. The bud itself is not very fragrant, but the high is what makes it a legend.

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