Wood 3 tier ladder planter unit – holds up to 10x300ml or 500ml pots per tier


Wood 3 tier ladder planter unit, holds up to 10x300ml or 500ml pots per tier. (1115(w)x1055(h)mm) 22kg

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Looking to spruce up your garden, patio, or deck, maybe even a braai place? Look no further than the RapidRoots planter boxes! A gorgeous planter box with great aesthetics and practical design. The RapidRoots planter boxes are a must-have in any home and will help you make the most of limited light in the garden or home. Made from solid pine, a plant invasive to South Africa where it is made. It stacks perfectly with 500ml or 300ml pots, and both their respective moisture-retaining cups. Holds up to 10 pots a tier! Giving a maximum capacity of 30 pots! The tiered design is slanted to allow all tiers access to sunlight and is a great space-effective way of growing flowers, veggies, herbs, and berries!

Weight 12.08 kg
Dimensions 105 × 178 × 105.5 cm